Best Roles for Physician Assistants

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MS APWe spend a lot of time on this blog discussing the ever-increasing role of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in the healthcare field. As many trends and articles pinpoint, NPs and PAs are a huge part of healthcare and will become even more important as resources for maintaining quality patient care during the upcoming healthcare overhaul. With healthcare reform looming now is a good time to delve more into exactly what are the best roles for physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

A recent article on’s Orthopedics Today echoed the sentiment that PAs are extremely helpful when working in tandem with physicians and looked specifically at the best roles for physician assistants in an orthopedic practice.

First, they discuss some reasons why it’s a great idea for a practice to implement PAs: “Patients enjoy being cared for by [PAs]. Studies have shown that in general, patients feel PAs are able to take more time with them, listen well and thoroughly address their concerns. Physicians know that PAs do not replace or compete with them as a provider, but enhance their ability to provide greater efficiency and continuity of care to a greater number of patients. Physicians have found that use of a PA has translated into fewer hours in the operating room (OR), fewer hours spent rounding, fewer patient calls and more time off — all without sacrificing quality of care.”

Some of the ways the article suggests making good use of PAs are preoperative duties, postoperative series (including pain management), with new patients, for on the job injuries, fracture care, casting, splinting, tendon repair, ultrasound, joint injections, trigger-point injections, wound closure and debridement.

Definitely, check out the full article (linked above) for more specifics on the best roles for physician assistants in orthopedic practices. The author discusses some of the points from a personal perspective as far as what she has seen work on the job.

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