Nurse Practitioners and the New Healthcare

Gypsy Fortune TellerWith the implementation of the Affordable Care Act on the horizon, many patients and healthcare professionals alike are wondering what a revamping of the healthcare system will bring. Will it cost more? Will it present new obstacles?

Add to that uncertainty an aging baby boomer population and the questions continue to mount: Can the healthcare system serve all of the people? Will quality suffer?

In theory, offering access to healthcare for more people is a very good thing, the trick in implementation though will be making sure that the battery of healthcare workers can handle the demand of current and upcoming factors and also sustain quality patient care.

Politico recently ran a very interesting article about how advanced nurses such as nurse practitioners can help lower costs and improve care in this emerging healthcare paradigm. Some key facts from this piece are:

  • According to one government study, NPs can lower cost per patient by approximately 33 percent — especially when they see patients on their own.
  • Research shows that NPs can manage 80-90 percent of primary care cases with great results. Using NPs more widely and wisely frees up physicians for more serious cases.
  • Only 16 states and the District of Colombia allow NPs to practice independently. Fourteen states currently have pending legislation that would make better use of NPs allowing them a wider range.

To read the Politico article in full, click here.

We’ll continue to follow the Affordable Care Act closely as it develops and evolves before us, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on how nurse practitioners (and physician assistants) will be affected.

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